Bliss and Blisters
The Meagre Monday –
2. August 2022

Sewing in yarn-ends and life of an artist I was so full of hope and optimism, I really thought I would get it done. Motivated by @jonalyn2020‘s amazing crochet skirt or @blezyn‘s granny square top, @monica-ene‘s dresses or @clearartista doll and all the other amazing wips, I picked up my stripped sweater with the clear […]

Knitting a vintage collar fueled by sunshine
26. July 2022

Dear Needleworkers, envision this scene with your inner eye: its hot, the sun is blazing down on golden wheat fields. A soft warm wind is blowing over the landscape and birds are chirping joyfully. A small path is meandering besides a dark forest which lends a stark contrast to the wide and open fields. Amidst […]

The Unplanned Lavender WIp
19. July 2022

It’s Monday: I had one week to try out tiny habits, nibble on an imprisoned wip, and then write a glorious blogpost about my success. Only that did not happen. Ok, the week happened I did not learn spontaneously to time-travel, but the rest, the rest did not happen. No habits, no dungeon wips, no […]

How to get everything done craftwise
12. July 2022

Applying BJ Foggs behavior model to crochet One week two finished projects, that‘s what I promised. And? Do you think I have finished?SUSPENSEEEEEEE Yes, nearly. Both the Muru Kai shawl and the hexagon jacket are finished in knitting/crochet. The step which is still missing is sewing in the yarn ends, but even this I already […]

How to finish two wips in one week
5. July 2022

It is Monday…I had to work the whole week (also at night) to set up the showroom…I had headaches….A tree in our garden broke and fell onto the street (honestly!!! A lot of sawing and cleaning on Sunday)…I am too tired…The sun is shining…I need to bake bread… Do you recognize the pattern? These are […]

The Forever Skirt
28. June 2022

Today’s post will be short and fast. But the topic has a loooooong history: a pleated skirt I own for more than 10 years. The skirt is a fast fashion item which was super cheap when I bought it but felt well made. It’s made from a sturdy cotton fabric which has a bit of […]

Trigger warning: I will speak about body shaming, domestic violence, sexism, and ageism in this post. If you are more interested in the knitting, crochet and embroidery techniques hop to the last paragraph. Get this into your head There are a lot of things you should get into your head when you are read as […]

5 unexpected ways to cope with rejection
14. June 2022

There will be those days when a customer does not book your service, when your best planned out fashion designs are frowned over, when your cutest amigurumi does not win the competition, when an art fair rejects your fibreart. The latter happened to me. Sigh.This was one of the reasons I for longer did not […]

My art is a mess
17. May 2022

I woke up today drank a coffee and after a look at my to-do list pondered to get some much more potent stuff… Joking, besides that I am not learned about what to take to enhance productivity I am very anxious about everything that has more mind-altering ability than caffeine or valerian tea. But back […]

Yes, these are pair of leggings.No, they do not fit.Does this make me sad? No, because I never planned to wear them. Now after I have confused you completely, I will lift the veil of ignorance. These leggings will be an artwork. Remember I am working about the topic of women getting older, about the […]

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