My art is a mess

I woke up today drank a coffee and after a look at my to-do list pondered to get some much more potent stuff… Joking, besides that I am not learned about what to take to enhance productivity I am very anxious about everything that has more mind-altering ability than caffeine or valerian tea.

But back to my to-do list. On Saturday this week (ohhhgggooooooddddddd) is the vernissage of our new exhibition and Silvi and I are working like maniacs to get everything done in time. Between still working on the artworks (no idea why I am always working on them till the last moments) we are writing press texts, make announcements at social media, plan the catering and and and.
And as I am very bad at multitasking, all needs much longer than I hope. You have to envision me hopping around like a confused bunny starting to write, then fetch the phone to post, only to leave the posting midsentence to pick up a needle to sew the neck of my doll.

Ha, great transition. Which doll do you ask? And here is the answer: the huge over life-size doll I made from jersey, upholstery scraps and tape 🤪

Design ohne Titel(45).png

Last week I presented you leggings I sewed and already mentioned that they not for me, but a doll and I honestly stuck with it and have the object? sculpture? (not sure how to call it) nearly done.
And it was such a mess. The upholstery flocks and the padding we used (yes, I had help from @giavellottista) were flying around and because of some mysterious static electricity they were glued to everything: Our shoes, hands, the carpet, and the doll.

Design ohne Titel(107).jpgthis is how doing art looks 😀

The upside of the fight against upholstery is that I got inspired for a slightly different presentation of the sculpture. Originally, I wanted to hang the doll up (which would be very difficult in the rooms we use for the exhibition) but now I love how gruesome the doll looks just lying on the floor without her head and upholstery falling out of the open neck.
Maybe I am a tad morbid, but I really love it. For transportation I clamped the neck opening shut hoping this will stay put during the transportation.

Design ohne Titel(106).jpg

The sewing of this doll was a kind of nightmare for me, and I do not want to go into details. I only will tell you that I may or may not have inserted the thumbs several times wrongly into the hand opening.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel(13).png

But if you ever plan to sew such a doll, I will give you a rough report what I did:
First, I constructed the body. Here fore I combined a long sleeve shirt pattern with a bodysuit pattern. Next was said leggings for the legs. For the feet I used a free sock pattern and for the hands a free pattern for gloves. I then sewed everything together and started with filling the hands and feet. Legs and torso have a kind of skeleton made from padding rolls we cut into the right form. The rest is filled with the upholstery scraps which give a kind of cellulite optic for the skin.

The week before this I already crocheted some breast in light pink, but I am not sure if I will use them for the final sculpture…
Design ohne Titel(108).jpgthe breast are still unstuffed…

That’s it for today as I need to run back to my to-do list… 😀

If you are living in Germany and are not far away, you are cordially invited to visit our exhibition. The opening will be at 18:00 on Saturday 21.5.2021 at Velsstrasse 19, Bochum. Would love to see you all there, again I say we need the beamer from Star strek 🙂

Thank you @crosheille for initiating and @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday and the community builder team @lauramica, @romeskie and @kattycrochet I am so glad to be part of.

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