I need your help dear needleworkes

I am not sure if all of you know that I besides knitting, crocheting or sewing like crazy make art for a living. And I am extremely happy to announce that I got admitted for an art-scholarship. Now you are perhaps musing why I am addressing you on #needleworkmonday, but bear with me, there is reason behind my rambling 😀

Kopie von old neckline16.png

Together with my good friend Silvia Szlapka (you all know her from supporting my massive crafting addiction and crazy plans) we applied for a scholarship some time ago with our plan to make an art installation named „Covid eats art“ (in German Covid is(s)t Kunst) which will include your participation. For us and perhaps most people the current – I will call it neutral „changes“ – because of the COVID 19 infection have massive implications on our daily life. And we want to give you, in your function as friends but especially as artistically inclined crafters the opportunity to get heard.
We want to include your specific experiences during these trying times into one part of our installation: the fibreweb of memories (this is the working title)

Design ohne Titel65.png
Example of my work “It is molten Herietta, run!”

What we will make

We want to create a walk-in and touchable installation with all your printed letters or photos. We will connect these documents with fibre art and create a net of memories, of thoughts and feelings. We will create one section with all the objects you made or started or planned during the time of COVID-19.

What we need from you

We would love you to write down or photograph your thoughts, feelings or memories regarding the last months during the Covid pandemic. You are free to write/photograph what is important for you. The questions Silvi and I asked ourselves were these:

How did you feel during the beginning of the pandemic? How did you experience the time of the lockdown? Which parts of your life changed for the better / or worse? How was your creative work affected (money, time, creativity, new ideas, lost dreams)? Could you transform the fright into something positive? Did you have interactions with other crafters during the last month, may it be digital or face to face? Do you think crafting can help to cope with the consequences of Covid and if yes, how?

These questions are only inspirations. You are free to write as much or less as you like. Perhaps for you one photo summarizes all your feelings and thoughts or maybe you want to write several paragraphs. Do what feels right to you.
Besides this, we would love if you would send us some photos of the projects you worked on during the last months (here applies the same: photograph as much as you like)

example of my work “Peace is death”

How to get in contact

If you want to participate (which would be a huge joy/ pleasure for us) you are invited to send me your written, photographed or spoken documents via discord or per mail (I will give my e-mail in our discord channel or per PN if you write me).
We would need this roughly until end of November, as the exhibition will take place in January.
Please tell us in your mail, if you want to be mentioned with your real name, your hive name or if you want to remain anonymous.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel7.png
Examples of my paintings

I am so excited and curious what you will send me…. You are all so special to me and I want you to be part of this artwork <3 <3 <3

If you have questions, feel free to write them into the comments or write me on discord. I will try my best to explain everything.

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