Bliss and Blisters
The Meagre Monday –
2. August 2022

Sewing in yarn-ends and life of an artist I was so full of hope and optimism, I really thought I would get it done. Motivated by @jonalyn2020‘s amazing crochet skirt or @blezyn‘s granny square top, @monica-ene‘s dresses or @clearartista doll and all the other amazing wips, I picked up my stripped sweater with the clear […]

Knitting a vintage collar fueled by sunshine
26. July 2022

Dear Needleworkers, envision this scene with your inner eye: its hot, the sun is blazing down on golden wheat fields. A soft warm wind is blowing over the landscape and birds are chirping joyfully. A small path is meandering besides a dark forest which lends a stark contrast to the wide and open fields. Amidst […]

The Unplanned Lavender WIp
19. July 2022

It’s Monday: I had one week to try out tiny habits, nibble on an imprisoned wip, and then write a glorious blogpost about my success. Only that did not happen. Ok, the week happened I did not learn spontaneously to time-travel, but the rest, the rest did not happen. No habits, no dungeon wips, no […]

Last Monday I showed you the shiny side of crafting. I presented myself well behaved in proper clothes which I made for my garment-collection. Lovely sweaters and skirts in spring inspired colours, showcasing yellow, lilac, and green. But my dear readers, this is only one truth… Because behind the light there is darkness, and the […]

How to unmask an alien with knitting
15. March 2022

If you are an avid watcher of science fiction or horror movies you are aware of the very real possibility of body snatchers, clones, aliens, or evil twins living in direct vicinity. Beings who are known for having dangerous attitudes regarding human body parts. Beings who may want to transform first your neighborhood, then your […]

I saw the light and this light illuminated several unfinished sweaters, cardigans and vests distributed all over the living room and my studio. Some with missing buttons, others with their yarn ends peeping through the stitches and some still in pieces waiting for me to sew them up. And know what: I have finished them […]

How not to knit a vintage neckline
1. February 2022

I once read a science fiction short story about a huge mysterious star-mist which was encountered in vicinity of the Milky Way. There happened a lot of exploring, a lot of talking and before the mystery was solved the mist-like field vanished… and with it the intelligence of all humans. This is how I feel […]

The world best knitted sock heel
14. December 2021

Did you miss me? I kind of missed myself on #needleworkmonday last week and I still have not see half of all the fabulous tiny outfit entries of our contest. But as so often I had a lot of headaches which held me back (do you hear this, stupid migraines, go away!) and when the […]

How to sew in yarn-ends and “wintering”
30. November 2021

This post is about sewing in yarn-ends in knitting, but because I rant about a lot of other things beforehand, you will only notice this at the last paragraphs 😀 Last week I wrote about my Fibre mood Leona addiction. I told you that I already made two of these comfy sweaters and that I […]

How negative thoughts destroy creativity
16. November 2021

Word of warning: this is a post about me sometimes having pretty negative thoughts while working creatively. If you need something lighter today, please skip this post. There is a lot of darkness inside of me. You read my (hopefully) funny text, see me laugh during our #needleworkmonday video chats, but this is only the […]

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