How not to knit a vintage neckline

I once read a science fiction short story about a huge mysterious star-mist which was encountered in vicinity of the Milky Way. There happened a lot of exploring, a lot of talking and before the mystery was solved the mist-like field vanished… and with it the intelligence of all humans. This is how I feel today. After some very successful weeks with sewing and preparing my exhibition I ended with a lot of headaches (right now I can feel one building up 🤢) and not much energy intelligence left. I fell back to knitting when I was up and not lying flat in my bed with so much headache that every heartbeat hurt. After years of “headache knitting” I should have learned to not try out new designs with an aching head. But apparently, I did not learn… So, please dear mysterious star-mist, could you come back and make me clever again?

You perhaps saw the striped mess of yarn on my title photo and asked yourself what kind of mishap I produced: to clarify this, I wanted to knit a striped sweater with scrap yarn, cropped and with wide sleeves. So far, no problem, but in a state of delusion (ok, I am exaggerating, but I am really angry at myself) I decided to try out a new neckline design, a polo shirt like opening with a small buttonband and a collar.

Kopie von Kopie von old neckline(7).jpg

I found this kind of design in a vintage knitting book and directly went to action. I cast of 5 stitches in the middle of the front and knitted joyfully upwards. All finished I took a photo of this lovely front to share it with you (I still did not notice any mistake). I even was motivated to sew it up immediately and this was the moment of revelation… I had only knitted a slit for the buttonband but not the actual neckline. This sweater could only fit a person with a head circumference of max 20 cm…. Still not seriously worried I thought “no problem, I will redo the upper 10 rows and insert some decreases to have a neck opening”. I unravelled, I knitted, and I despaired. Because now I neither had enough of the slit left to insert a buttonband, nor was the neck opening big enough for a human head.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel(17).jpg first attempt, second attempt and a lot of unravelling

This was on Saturday. On Sunday I unraveled again and after some contemplation decided to omit the buttonband and redo the neckline with a lot more cast off stitches and decreases to try to form a simple crewneck (secretly I still hope I can attach a kind of collar later, but as I have headaches, I am not sure if I am still deluded).
20220131_105351694_iOS.jpg On the next photo you can see how the front looks so far. Does the actual neck opening make sense to you? I want to knit the third design I sketched…


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