My crafting walk of shame

Today I will not spoil you with beautiful photos of finished sweaters or humorous explanations of knitting stitches – no today is my day of shame:

I am the queen of unfinished objects (and maybe I watched to much GOT)

Not only do I really dislike knitting or crochet for other people, I also do not like to correct mistakes in my own projects. I simply want the pleasure of a fast, easy, and wearable garment. If I encounter mistakes at a later stage of the project I often simply put the item in a box and let it sleep forever. And I likewise hate to do the same thing twice, which makes socks impossible and a seamed bottom up sweater very difficult for me. My beloved top-down construction often waits for the second sleeve or the second button-band.

I think I am a super selfish crafter and I must confess (while writing this I am prepared to shave my hair…if you do not know why – watch Game of thrones)

Here are all some of my unfinished projects

Design ohne Titel(7)

Last autumn I started this great cardigan pattern (Ramona cardigan from Elizabeth Smith) with my hand dyed dragon breath wool. I went through in a rush. I thought I am so clever and made the button-band and the neckline before I started the last sleeve, which then, so I thought, would be a pleasure to knit… yeah, I am still waiting for the pleasure to hit me.

Do you remember this soft pink cardigan? I wrote about the mistake I made with the neckline. I corrected it only to notice, that the sleeves will be very small too. Guess what: I haven’t done anything on this cardigan. Half the button-band is still missing, and I must sew the sleeves. The pink striped sweater has a similar problem, I am unsure how to achieve puff-sleeves which then narrow down. I tried and frogged two times, now it wanders into a box.



And then there are the presents: a lovely knitted shirt for my mother, where I for the first time tried out to knit lace (back is finished, front is halfway finished) Or the crochet shirt which awaits its sleeves (I know… sleeves again) and the crochet cardigan completely without sleeves, because I want to publish the pattern and found a mistake…

Design ohne Titel(6)Now you will ask ‘why doesn’t she finish these shawls? There are now mistakes, and nothing has to be made double?’ And here you are wrong. The grey and pink shawl was my first Tunisian crochet project and it is meant to be like a faux plaid. I only finished one part, but there are many more to crochet and afterwards to be sewn together. I still love the wool (so soft and squishy) and I also love the colour (naturally, it’s pink), but the prospect to make this thing multiple times – gag ? Perhaps I will start another attempt around October next year, or the year afterwards.

The light blue shawl on the other hand suffers from a different illness: I forgot which hook I used and I do not want to guess or make another tension square. Besides I am sure I have taken a photo with the hook on it, but I cannot find it anymore…



Now you have gotten a deep insight into my rotten core. My crafting heart is bleeding and I must repent. I will await your punishment ….

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