No Grey Mouse – crochet pattern for a baby cardigan

crochet pattern baby cardiganFinally … may I present you the little No Grey Mouse baby cardigan? An easy top-down crochet pattern.

Do you remember that I showed you a photo of this little Baby cardigan and asked if you would like the pattern and you said yes? As I gifted this cardigan to a good friend I had to stall time, because my notes were not complete, and I no longer had the cardigan with me to check my inconsistent notes. Therefore, the lengthy posts in the last weeks about how to knit or crochet a cardigan. But as you perhaps already guessed because of my evasive and long introduction: I still do not have this cardigan back and my notes are still – ahem – not optimal. Nevertheless, I decided to publish this pattern and ask for your help and lust for adventure.

My idea is, I give you my notes and you could perhaps tell me, if there are mistakes in my pattern. (Maybe you remember that I currently cannot crochet because my fingers instantly hurt).

But to be honest, this is a really basic pattern, you could make the cardigan perhaps also without my notes 😀

The cardigan is crocheted top-down with a round yoke. When you reach the desired yoke length, sleeves and body are separated. First you crochet the body and afterwards the sleeves. The final touch is a border in single crochet in a contrast color.




3 skeins made by me soft (50% cotton and 50% acrylic) in 50 g / 100 m, 2 grey and 1 red

Hook 5 mm

Stitch marker


Tapestry needle


Tension and size

As I have written above, I currently do not have this jacket at home and sadly (I am soooo sorrryyyy) I did not write down the size and the stitches. I asked my friend to measure her jacket, but it is worn and washed several times. So, beware that the size might not be super exact.

11 stitches and 10 rows are 10 x 10 cm.

Width 28 cm and length 30 cm.


Skills used / Abbreviation

yo = Yarn over

ch = Chain

fsc = Foundation single crochet (UK foundation double crochet) on moogly blog you will find a good video and photo tutorial (left and right handed)

ss = Slip stitch

sc = Single crochet (UK double crochet)

dc = Double crochet (UK treble crochet)

dc2tog = Double crochet two together (UK treble crochet two together)

*….* = repeat

The ch 3 at the beginning of the row counts as dc throughout. Remember to skip the first stitch directly below the turning chains. Only to increase a dc at the beginning of the row you must work in this first stitch.


The yoke

yoke crochet patternRow 1: 46 fsc (46 sc)

(If you like you can also crochet 48 chains and in the next row 46 sc instead of one row made of fsc)

Row 2: 3 ch, dc in next 45 stitches (46 dc)

Row 3: 3 ch, 2 dc in second st, *dc in next st, 2 dc in next st*, end with 2 dc in turning chain. (69 dc, 23 st increased)

Row 4: repeat row 2

Row 5: repeat row 2

Row 6: 3 ch, 1 dc in second st, 2 dc in third st, * 1 dc into next st, 1 dc into next st, 2 dc into next st*, end with 1 dc in turning ch. (92 st, 23 st increased)

To make a wider and longer cardigan, simply go on and increase every third row 23 stitches.



armhole crochet patternSeparate sleeves

The yoke will be separated into 14 st for the left front, 18 st for the left sleeve (plus 4 fsc), 28 st for the back, 18 st for the right sleeve (plus 4 fsc), 14 st for the right front.


Row 1: To separate the sleeves from the body, 3 ch, crochet 1 dc into next 13 st, make 4 fsc and miss next 18 st, 1 dc into next dc, crochet 1 dc into next 27 st, make 4 fsc and miss next 18 st, 1 dc into next dc, crochet 1 dc into next 13 st. (64 st)

Row 2-9: 3ch, dc in ever dc. (64 st)


Cut yarn




sleeves crochet patternRow 1: 3 ch, distribute 23 dc evenly around armhole, ss into turning ch and close to round. (24 dc) Two dc are worked into the legs of stiches, therefore the 24 st.

Row 2-4: 3 ch, dc in each st acrocss, ss into turning ch and close to round (24 dc)

Row 5: 3 ch, dc2tog, 19 dc, dc2tog, , ss into turning ch and close to round (22 dc, decreased 2 dc)

Row 6-8: 3 3 ch, dc in each st acrocss, ss into turning ch and close to round (22 dc)

Change to contrast color.

Row 9: 1ch, sc in each st acrocss, ss into turning ch and close to round (22 sc)

Cut yarn.

The instructions for the second sleeve are essentially the same, only I used the red yarn for the sleeve and the grey for the last row of single crochet.


Finishing instructions

To add a splash of color I crocheted in a contrast color around the complete cardigan. I used single crochet for this border (one stitch in every stitch, but two into the corners!).

Now sew in all yarnends and instantly make the next 😀


If you make this little cardigan, please tell me if everything worked out 😀

Want to read more comments about this cardigan? Then visit my steemit blog or ravelry account (cardigan will be on ravlery in some weeks)

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