Diving deep into buttonland

variios buttonsSome month ago I told you about Randolph Carter , about the crazy dreamlands of H.P. Lovecraft. I described you some of the gruesome tales Lovecraft spun for his readers: rats in the walls, alien entities in the sea, strange scribblings in old and musty books. But the biggest horrors of all Lovecraft probably never encountered – the angst of choosing the wrong button.









grey miette knitted cardiganThe button dilemma

And exactly at this point I am, the button dilemma. I travelled deep into the planes of tentacled monsters, battled with the weird geometry of a non-Euclidian world and came back with these four options: black buttons with little, hardly visible snowflakes, dark brown buttons with a star, silver buttons which are very heavy and plain brown buttons.




But this is not all, your help is needed on multiple levels. To explain the next problem, we must step back in time again. As you perhaps remember I knitted the famous Miette cardigan  from Andi Satterlund. And I knitted it a tad big around the bust see this older post. So, I started again and made another one. This beast jacket is now finished. It is too small. I blocked it. Now it is too big.

Ok not really. But the sentences sounded so nice 😀 Only the sleeves of the cardigan are too big, the rest is still too small. You can see the misery on these very informal photos.


woman wearing miette knitted cardiganNow the different lines of my tale will come together

First: should I shorten the sleeves?

Second: which buttons should I use?

Third: why do I always find my handmade items ugly on myself?



Ahhh and I forgot, I do not like the wobbly neckline and I am thinking about crocheting one row of single crochet or slip stitches around to make it smaller and more even (it seems to be a problem of the pattern as I read on an old gravestone in the Dreamlands ravelry.) Shall I? Do you have a better advice?


Thank you all for your help (you will help or !!!???) ? ? ?

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