How to spit out a handmade Christmas present

Dear Readers: you are reading this belated, because the socks were a secret Christmas present for my husband and he is clever enough to read my blog :DDD Now we have January and the socks are long finished (I did not make it in time, but managed it shortly after Christmas). Nevertheless, here is my pre-Christmas story 😀

I am such a wimp… and this no real #needleworkmonday post more a slightly addled Christmas shopping evasion post. Yesterday I was with my husband and a good friend on the Christmas market and I found a beautiful handmade and organic bathing chocolate. It is made of fair trade cacao butter and essential oils…. But I could not buy it as my husband was watching me: AHHHHHH He loves to bath and has a dry and sensitive skin because of an autoimmune condition. It would make the perfect present for Christmas. But today it is raining cats and dogs and birds and alpacas, many, many alpacas. And I don’t want to go by train in the next city and visit the market, it is just too wet.

Kopie von Soziale Medien – Design ohne Titel(3).png

So next idea: I will finally learn to knit socks. My husbands deceased grandmother was an avid sock knitter and he still loves her socks although they have more holes than sock. And as I was feeling guilty of not going out in this pouring rain, I decided to knit him socks. Today. Easy….

Remember, I knit combination style. This is the technique where I twist the knit stitches and then untwist them in the purl row. So far, I never knitted ribbing in the round, only flat. So on to a google search about knitting combination style and working the ribbing in the round. About an hour later I gave up – everybody seems to have a different approach.
Forgetting my knitting style complications, I wanted to research an easy sock pattern for bigger feet. And yes, this was the next hour. And I also gave up. Instead I grabbed a pair of my husband’s old handknitted socks counted stitches and directly cast on. Why troubling myself with a tension square… it’s for Christmas, it will work out or?

Kopie von 1800px × 768px – Design ohne Titel(4).png

I casted on 45 stitches and my plan is making the sock completely in ribbing pattern of knitting 3 and purling 2 stitches. I distributed the stitches evenly on the dpn’s. When the heel and the feet arrive, I will cry out for help into this community, or simply eat the socks.

Design ohne Titel(165).png

On the photos you can see that I have made some mistakes and I think the ribbing is twisted. But I am not sure…apparently, I cannot read my knitting.
The knitting is super slow, and I am afraid, he will only get one cuff…. :-DDD

old neckline(5).png

Thank you @crosheille for iniciating and @muscara, @shanibeer, @marblely for hosting the #needleworkmonday. If you want to see more beautiful projects with yarn, fabric and most of all needles, follow @needleworkmonday on steemit. Or even better grab your needles and keyboard and join the #needleworkmonday community.

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