Two cropped sweaters for fall

Still not ready with nothing… My mother’s dress is waiting to be cut and sewn, and my cropped pullover is also not finished. But I can whitewash explain my slow progress. With the dress you perhaps guessed already right: I am frightened to destroy it. As the warm weather is slowly ending, I must hurry up with this (Go Simone, go! No excuses please) My plan is to finish it this week.

And with the cropped sweater, there maybe was a tiny distraction, like a second sweater I started :-DDD. No I am not planless and confuse, in the contrary, I had a valid reason to start something new, while not having finished the first project (perhaps here comes the whitewashing :-DD)

As you can see on the photos, I made two cropped sweaters for fall, one in mustard and one in green. I started this project some ~~weeks~~ months ago with a little trepidation, because I have never used this method before, so I had to guess the fit.



Knitting a cropped sweater at historic sites

As you all already know I do love top-down constructions in knitting and crochet, because my size guessing genes are not developed and the top-down method is (for me) the easiest to adapt during knitting. Soooo (you know what will come) I started this sweater and have chosen the wrong size… two times. The first time I frogged everything because I had again chosen the size Arnold Schwarzenegger for the shoulders. The second time I so badly wanted to complete this project, that instead of unravelling, I started the sweater in a different colour anew and directly incorporated my changes.

The sweater is again by the superb Designer Andi Satterlund who also created the Miette cardigan. And it seems, that her designs are generally for bigger busted woman with wide shoulders and a tiny waist. Summarized: not me 😀 But nevertheless I love her designs. The sweater is a free pattern and you can find it on her blog.

(For the second sweater I have deepened the armholes because I hate don’t like a tight fit under the armpit, I made the body some rows longer and I plan to knit the sleeves smaller. We will see how this works out 😀 )





The construction

This pullover is started with a rectangular back piece. The next step are the two fronts which are casted on together with the rounded neckline. After this the two fronts are connected and knitted to the same height as the back panel. Now the easy part: knitting the body in the round up to the hemline which has a bit of stranded colourwork.

As the sleeve construction intimidated me, I proceeded instead with the ribbing of the neckline. After this I have sewn in most of the yarnends…. And I then ran out of believable excuses and took heart…



The Sleeves

Such a nice construction. You start with short rows which form the sleeve cap. I have never knitted short rows, but with Tashas tutorial it was easy… First you cast on the complete sleeve stitches and then you only knit the stitches at the top of the sleeve cap and with every row, you add two more stitches. If the whole cap is formed the sleeve is knitted in the round or – as I prefer – flat.

No sewing in the sleeves  – jippiehhhh





I am still on the second sleeve and I only can present you very informal try on photos. Instead I made many work in progress photos at Zeche Ewald an old coal mine which is today used for music concerts and exhibitions. Just for fun my husband and I changed roles :-DDD

Happy #needleworkmonday to you all and thank you @crosheille and @crystalize for hosting and caring… go to my steemit blog to read more comments.






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