Dark magic and the checkered bedsheet dress

One day I want to start a blog post with the words: look, I made a dress and it turned out exactly as I wanted. And now you know which turn my checkered bedsheet dress took.

AHHHHHHHH! Am I cursed? Should I start to search for hidden pentagrams in my sewing room, look for dead animals or blood smeared thresholds? Are my over neighbors not my friends but satanistic sewing haters? So many questions…
But let me first show you the problem(s).

In my last post I was still full of hope to copy a lovely bought dress from H&M. I used a pattern of a comparable dress I already have made a year ago (the fibremood Mira dress) and changed the details I liked better on the H&M dress; for example I wanted the shoulders smaller, the waist lower and the skirt part less full. And I am fairly sure that I really!!!!! incorporated these modifications into the new pattern I drew. REALLY!
(Sorry I need so many capital letters as I must convince myself that I am not going crazy 😜)

Be greedy buy everything(20).jpg Left dress is the Mira pattern, right dress is bought from H&M

But now have a look at the nearly finished new dress… The shoulders are in my view even wider than on the Mira dress and I have no idea how this happened. I could repeat my black magic theories from above, but I fear this is not helpful right now. I cut away 3 cm of the Mira dress pattern at the shoulder and the new checkered dress should sit much better on my shoulders, but no… it does not.

Design ohne Titel(7).jpg

My one idea what happened besides brutal ritualistic attacks is, that I was inaccurate while cutting out and that I unintentionally made the seam allowance too big (I know, it sounds unrealistic, as you all know me as a super patient, neat and well planned crafter :-DDDDD).

Be greedy buy everything(21).jpg

So, I am back to step one. I again must draft the body part of this dress as this try was not perfect. For the next one I will cut away again 3 cm on the shoulders and will also make the body smaller at the sides, so that the original sleeves will still fit into the armhole.

The other items I changed on the Mira pattern – the lower waist and the less voluminous skirt – came out nearly as anticipated. Nearly…
Let’s start with the waist. This is easy: I like the new length of the body. No criticism, no nothing, I really like it… Or wait, there was my husband who said something like „hm, its very wide, I have no idea where you are beneath it. Did you plan it like this?“ This question may have unsettled me a tad :-DDDD

So, what do you say? Is this dress too tent-like? Does it look nicer with the waist a bit smaller and higher up (like the Mira dress)? Perhaps I should try a pattern with a button-band at the front, so that I can make the whole thing a lot more fitted. Again. Questions. You see me a bit perplexed (grumbling) this Monday. Perhaps I should go knitting… 😀

Please give helpful hints how to rescue the dress, to stop this grumbling monster (me)

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